2024 Parts Unlimited Helmet & Apparel

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2024 DUAL SPORT HELMETS DRAGSPECIALTIES.COM HELMET & APPAREL | 2024 SEE PAGE 4 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 121 XD-4 continued on next page. XD-4 •Three distinct configurations allowing the user to choose which works best for their riding needs •New comfort head liner with micro-fitting 5mm peel-away temple pads and FCS® cheek pad design with 5mm peel-away layers allow you to customize your helmet fit •Cheek pad release makes helmet easier to remove in emergency situations • Interior is fully removable, replaceable and washable •Dry-Cool® technology keeps you drier and cooler on longer rides •Large side cowl vents improve ventilation efficiency and helmet stability at speed •More intake ports in the chin vent improve airflow •Top diffuser vent ports nearly double the airflow while shell shape provides aerodynamic stability •Brow vents in face shield provide more airflow to the temple area •Intermediate Oval helmet shape fits most riders SIZE (E) AFRICA TWIN SUG. RETAIL XS 0140-0227 $799.95 S 0140-0228 799.95 M 0140-0229 799.95 L 0140-0230 799.95 XL 0140-0231 799.95 SIZE (A) VISION BLACK FROST (B) VISION ORANGE FROST (C) VISION RED FROST (D) VISION WHITE FROST SUG. RETAIL XS 0140-0173 0140-0167 0140-0161 0140-0155 $769.95 S 0140-0174 0140-0168 0140-0162 0140-0156 769.95 M 0140-0175 0140-0169 0140-0163 0140-0157 769.95 L 0140-0176 0140-0170 0140-0164 0140-0158 769.95 XL 0140-0177 0140-0171 0140-0165 0140-0159 769.95 2X 0140-0178 0140-0172 0140-0166 0140-0160 769.95 • For replacement parts and accessories, see page 250 •See size guide on page 123 before ordering •Meets or exceeds all SNELL and DOT standards NOTE: Fluorescent finishes used in certain models of Arai helmets may fade with the passage of time and exposure to elements. D B C A E