2024 Parts Unlimited Helmet & Apparel

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2024 STREET HELMETS DRAGSPECIALTIES.COM HELMET & APPAREL | 2024 SEE PAGE 4 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 63 SIZE (A) ORIENTAL BLACK FROST (B) STEEL BLUE (C) STEEL RED (D) WAVE SUG. RETAIL XS 0101-15748 0101-15742 0101-15736 0101-16004 $849.95 S 0101-15749 0101-15743 0101-15737 0101-16005 849.95 M 0101-15750 0101-15744 0101-15738 0101-16006 849.95 L 0101-15751 0101-15745 0101-15739 0101-16007 849.95 XL 0101-15752 0101-15746 0101-15740 0101-16008 849.95 2X 0101-15753 0101-15747 0101-15741 0101-16009 849.95 SIZE (E) DRONE BLACK FROST (F) DRONE RED SUG. RETAIL S 0101-15756 - $849.95 M 0101-15757 0101-15761 849.95 L 0101-15758 0101-15762 849.95 SIZE (E) DRONE BLACK FROST (F) DRONE RED SUG. RETAIL XL 0101-15759 - $849.95 2X 0101-15760 - 849.95 QUANTUM-X •Super smooth shell increases the helmet’s ability to slide along the ground during a crash; fewer sharp points that could potentially dig in and create increased impact forces •VAS dual-pivot shield system lowers the pivot point by 24mm making the critical temple area smoother and reducing the amount of impact energy getting into the helmet •QVF three-position intake and QVR exhaust ducts provide excellent air intake and exhaust performance when riding •Side vents serve as exhaust vents when front shutter is closed •FCS® contoured cheek pad comes with layers of varying-density foam supported by a foam “spring” that cradles the face like nothing else on the market • Foam “spring” makes taking the helmet on and off easier as well as helping to block more wind noise than standard helmets •New Round Oval Fit Package is designed to give riders with a rounder head shape a comfortable fit QUANTUM-X continued on next page. C B A D E F • For replacement parts and accessories, see pages 236-237 •See helmet size guide on page 70 before ordering •NHSTA DOT and SNELL certified NOTE: Fluorescent finishes used in certain models of Arai helmets may fade with the passage of time and exposure to elements.