2024 Parts Unlimited Helmet & Apparel

BOLD MAGENTA part numbers are new for 2024 STREET HELMETS DRAGSPECIALTIES.COM HELMET & APPAREL | 2024 SEE PAGE 4 FOR AN IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING 65 SIZE (A) US FLAG BLACK FROST (B) ORIENTAL 2 (C) UK FLAG (D) ITALY FLAG SUG. RETAIL XS 0101-15953 0101-15959 0101-16191 0101-16197 $849.95 S 0101-15954 0101-15960 0101-16192 0101-16198 849.95 M 0101-15955 0101-15961 0101-16193 0101-16199 849.95 L 0101-15956 0101-15962 0101-16194 0101-16200 849.95 XL 0101-15957 0101-15963 0101-16195 0101-16201 849.95 2X 0101-15958 0101-15964 0101-16196 0101-16202 849.95 SIGNET-X •Smooth shell provides maximum glance off when impacting an obstacle, helping to minimize impact forces and digging in •VAS dual-pivot shield system lowers the pivot point by an average of 24mm, making the critical temple area much smoother than standard helmets •QVF three-position intake vents and QVR exhaust ducts allow for excellent air intake and exhaust performance when riding •Side vents allows for exhaust even if front shutter is closed •FCS® contoured cheek pads are made of varying densities of foam supported by a foam “spring” which cradles the face like no other helmet on the market • The “spring” makes taking your helmet on and off easier, while helping to block even more wind noise •Long Oval Fit Package; longer interior shape is specifically designed for riders who find standard helmets create a painful forehead hotspot due to smaller interior shapes • For replacement parts and accessories, see pages 236-237 •See helmet size guide on page 70 before ordering •DOT and SNELL certified NOTE: Fluorescent finishes used in certain models of Arai helmets may fade with the passage of time and exposure to elements. B C A D